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Athena is dedicated to providing modern teaching techniques that adapt to the ever-changing world. Our programs are customized to cater to all learning levels, with the aim of improving studying habits that lead to academic and personal success.


A significant part of the program focuses on building solid foundations in grammar, reading fluency, understanding the meaning of texts, and embracing creative writing. A majority of the program uses reading to apply and recognize all the of the pillars in English: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Highschool English

Our high school program is designed to help students develop their writing and speaking skills by creating a unique voice. We teach them how to identify keywords and gather information to support their ideas, as well as how to write different types of essays while analyzing texts for deeper meaning.

Visual Arts

Welcome to our art program where learners can explore and develop their creativity through various techniques such as line work, shading, and painting. Our experienced instructor, Athena, specializes in oil and acrylic painting, sketching, and crafts, and will guide you through the process of igniting your imagination and unlocking your full potential.

Elementary Math

At Athena's, we understand that young learners may feel defeated when they fall behind. That's why we take our time and teach through steps, going at our students' learning pace until they are knowledgeable in the specific area. We target areas to improve and strengthen while introducing engaging studying techniques. Sign up with us and witness "Eureka!" moments unfold before your eyes.

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