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English Program

Athena's Learning Centre is thrilled to offer you our exceptional English programs that are specifically designed to take your, reading, speaking, and writing skills to the next level! Our comprehensive approach to language learning is centred around enhancing all aspects of communication, and we can't wait to help you achieve your goals!


Our students are usually thrown in the deep end with tools  with no instructions. So, Athena's does her best to provide  tools and knowledge to aide in academic success. In addition, we develop comprehension in our reading program, which reinforces grammatical rules, identifies structure  and fluency in reading. Furthermore, we provide homework, engaging activities for extra support, end of the month assessment and monthly progress reports. As a result our students become             confident and independent thinkers

               The elementary tutoring program focuses on strengthening areas, as well as clearing any in grammar and structure. Specifically learning the differences between different tenses and its various forms. Also,  Athena's help develop healthy studying habits and routines that will benefit our learners in and outside the classroom. Some habits include note taking, speed reading, identifying keywords for support . 


Our high school tutoring program focuses on conducting thorough analysis of texts and equipping students with the necessary tools to comprehend literature at an advanced level. Additionally, we aim to assist our learners in identifying the significance of underlying meanings in texts or stories as a whole.

Athena's prioritizes self-expression on serious subjects like technological advancements, social media's impact, and relatable news, allowing students to voice their opinions. Also, we assist students in essay writing, developing presentation skills, and improving study habits.

We assist with homework, assignments, and post-secondary school preparations. Our ultimate aim at Athena is to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve academic success.

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Please register and we will contact you soon. Kindly inform us about your preferred date and time for the call. We are excited to discuss how we can collaborate to accomplish your academic objectives.

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