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We assist with homework, assignments, and post-secondary school preparations. Our ultimate aim at Athena is to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve academic success.

Elementary Math

Athena's Learning Centre is thrilled to offer you our exceptional English programs that are specifically designed to take your, reading, speaking, and writing skills to the next level! Our comprehensive approach to language learning is centred around enhancing all aspects of communication, and we can't wait to help you achieve your goals!

Grade 3-4

In addition to reinforcing foundational knowledge, our program enhances memory retention and study skills. Our curriculum emphasizes multiplication, division, problem-solving, algebra, and incorporates a range of activities and strategies to inspire our students to learn

Grade 5-6

The Athena program emphasizes the use of mathematical language to make steps clearer and easier to comprehend. It covers topics such as decimals, fractions, percent conversions, algebra, and spatial sense. The program includes engaging activities and strategies that have yielded positive results.

Grade 7-8

The main focus of this curriculum is to delve into rational numbers that lie between fractions and decimals. Additionally, it covers multiplication and division in algebra, and emphasizes the importance of understanding expressions and the steps involved in solving equations. The lessons are designed to include interactive activities that showcase the practical applications of mathematics in our everyday lives.

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